From the temporarily occupied territories


Due to the military invasion of the Russian Federation, millions of Ukrainians living in the temporarily occupied territories were forced to leave their homes and evacuate.

Thousands of people have lost loved ones, remained disabled, homeless, livelihood. A family with children who do not want to put up with the “Russian world” is still leaving the occupied territories of the Kherson region and Zaporozhye and seeking asylum.

БлаготворитеCharitable Foundation "Plich-o-plich"льный фонд «Пліч-о-пліч»

Since the beginning of the military invasion, it has been helping residents of the occupied territories to evacuate to controlled territories, doing everything possible to help the largest number of people. Our organization helps to leave the occupied territories, find shelter in their native land and provide people with the necessary things.

Our Volunteer Drivers

Every day they risk their lives by evacuating the population from the temporarily occupied territories. Each exit on the route Zaporozhye-Kherson-Zaporozhye is very dangerous! This is 700 kilometers of hard way! Of which 120 kilometers are broken to the ground and a section of a dirt road. 32 roadblocks that carefully check every person, regardless of age and article. Outcast people these days are forced to stand in line to leave, spend the night in buses, in difficult conditions. Buses, after each evacuation, need maintenance and repair.


In connection with the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hostilities are intensifying and this path is becoming more and more dangerous due to constant shelling, mining, "stretch marks", and the activities of enemy snipers.

From April to this day, we have been saving lives

We have evacuated


in April


in May


in June


in July


in August


in September

Unfortunately, the number of evacuees is rapidly decreasing due to insufficient funding.

While we are cooperating with German philanthropists, but we are constantly looking for new investors, because the situation is becoming more difficult, the shelling does not subside, the number of people wishing to leave is only increasing. Our reporting is transparent, we are ready to provide a report at any time.
We turn to you with a request for help, hoping for your indifference and active social position.
We would like to put more buses on this route, for this we need fuel, funds for repairs. Please join the project. Thank you for any financial and material assistance!

He who saves one life saves the whole world!